My second poetry collection, Exit Strategy, is now complete. Details on publication will be announced soon.

Full Sight of Her 

Charting a steady encroachment of shadows over a relationship, Wright engages with the most profound subjects – love and loss, madness, grief, illness – and attends to them with a finely-wrought poetic sensibility, producing a soundscape of nervous, almost fractious energy. A play of light and shade runs throughout, with early joys tinged with doubts, moving into omens and prophecies, until fears can no longer be hidden in full daylight. Whether set against a backdrop of cheap and ruinous North-West landscapes, or domestic interiors seen through the lens of expressionist horror, Wright shows us that love and anticipated grief are inseparable, just as the shadow is from the lamp. 

'These are love poems at their most intense. Poems that celebrate the beloved as an artist with an alchemist’s imagination and bide closely to her through illness in such a deeply affecting way that as a reader, I felt her loss as a palpable ache.  The backdrop of this collection is seaside clutter and the impossible metaphysics of plastic chairs, beachside cafes and a dark sea that threatens at the edge of everything to drown even daffodil light with its shade.' – Helen Ivory

Published by Black Spring Press (2020):


Nullaby explores psychodrama in the domestic space, clandestine realities of love, and fears and anxieties in a modern relationship; the reflections on which most often occur in liminal states between sleep and waking or as a result of being kept awake at night.

Blindness, and seeing, are inseparable in Patrick Wright’s Nullaby. Deeply personal in the way they record illness and care, the poems often emerge out of darkness: in “The Blind Photographer”, typically, he relishes the dense particularities of his speaker’s situation, even as he goes about “invoking all that’s lost in the world / as blocks of visitation on contact paper.” - John McAuliffe

The sensual, anatomised poems of Nullaby travel through interior and external landscapes, "the body’s catacombs", to track apparitions, hospital wards, the night terrors of illness. These places where "the joke begins to wear itself thin" nevertheless brim with light,colour, scent. At once loss and redemption, its song of "I" to "you" is almost unbearably intimate and always extraordinary. In this heart-aching collection Wright is "faithful all along" to lyrical form and its "limitless repertoire of love". - Gail Ashton

Published by Black Spring Press (2017):

Fallen Pictures

A daring synthesis of meditation and memoir, Fallen Pictures explores the incomprehensibility of death and the relationship that endures, with a loved one, in the void left behind. Written largely in poetic prose and second person prayer-like incantations, the dark surrealist narrative charts a progressive psychical retreat, from the trauma of the cancer ward, and ghosts that haunt the empty house, to imaginative excursions in photographs, childhood memories, and dreams. 

Published by Oneiros Books (2013):