Patrick has a debut poetry collection, Full Sight of Her, published by Black Spring Press (2020), which was nominated for the John Pollard Prize. This was preceded by a pamphlet, Nullaby, also published by Black Spring Press (2017). Details on his second collection, Exit Strategy, will be announced soon.

He has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, and has twice been included in The Best New British and Irish Poets anthology (2018 and 2019), judged by Maggie Smith and Nick Makoha, respectively.

His poems have appeared in several online and print journals, including The North, Poetry Ireland ReviewAgenda, Wasafiri, Poetry Salzburg, Southword, and London Magazine.

He is an Honorary Associate and Associate Lecturer with the Open University. Here he teaches a broad range of Arts and Humanities subjects, specialising in English Literature and Creative Writing.

He has written on various poets and literary figures, including Seamus Heaney, Elizabeth Bishop, Anne Carson, and Michael Symmons Roberts.

He is currently working two projects: a memoir and an academic book. The working title of the latter is Beyond Ekphrasis: Dynamic Interactions Between the Poet and the Image. This will be published by Vernon Press. 

Academic publications (recent):

'Making Use of Reproductions for Creative Writing at a Distance', Writing in Education, 89, Summer 2023.

'Framing Catastrophe: The Ekphrastic Prose Poem', Prose Poetry in Theory and Practice, ed. Anne Caldwell and Oz Hardwick (Routledge, 2022).

“Sunlit now, we see the devastation”: Apocalyptic Themes in Michael Symmon Roberts’ Drysalter’, Brief Encounters, Issue 4, Spring 2020.

‘The Ekphrasis of Abstract and Monochromatic Paintings’, The Blue Nib, Issue 38, June 2019.

‘Seeing Flatly: Towards a New Approach in Ekphrasis’, Writing in Education, 77, Summer 2019.

‘A Critique of Contemporary Ekphrasis’, Agenda (double ekphrasis issue), 53: 1-2, March 2019.

‘Ekphrasis in Response to the Non-Figurative Image’, Axon: Creative Explorations, Issue 13, Autumn 2017.

‘Empathising with Body Bodies: Seamus Heaney and the Feminine Sublime’, Brief Encounters, Issue 1, Spring 2017.

 Creative Writing publications (a selection):

'Hospice Diary Entry', Poetry Salzburg Review, 41, Summer 2023.

'Tenebrae', Poetry Ireland Review, 138, Winter 2022.

'Negative Space', The North, 68, Autumn 2022. 

Full Sight Of Her, poetry collection, published by Black Spring Press, 2020.

‘Before It All Starts Up’, The Best New British and Irish Poets Anthology, judged by Nick Makoha (Black Spring Press, 2020).

'Out of the Shadows: Writing about Illness, Care, and Grief', feature article and three poemsEnvoi, June 2019.

‘The Sea’, ‘Death of Orpheus’, ‘Ascent of the Blessed’, ‘From the Whalers Sketchbook’, Agenda (double ekphrasis issue), 53: 1-2, March 2019.

‘Misty Morning at Ash Slack’, Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, November 2018.

‘Black Square’, The Ekphrastic Review, April 2018.

‘Some Deformed Fukushima Daisies’, Wasafiri, Issue 95, Autumn 2018.

‘Elsewhere’, Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, Spring 2018.

Nullaby (poetry pamphlet), published by Black Spring Press, 2017.

‘The End’, The Best British and Irish Poets Anthology, judged by Maggie Smith (Black Spring Press, 2018).

‘The Waiting Room’, The Reader Magazine, Issue 66, Summer, 2017.

‘What You Call Your “Winter Mode”’, London Magazine, Summer 2016.

‘Nullaby’, ‘The Ghost Room’, ‘Elisions’, ‘The End’, Agenda, 50, No. 1-2, Sep/Oct 2016 (featured poet).

‘Angel of the Cosmos (The Mural)’ and ‘The Mania Doll on Southport Pier’, Agenda: New Generation, 49, No. 3-4, online supplement, April 2016.

‘It Starts with Her Awkward Hairline’, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Spring 2016 (poem of the month).

‘The Blind Photographer’, Second Prize in Carers UK Creative Writing Competition, judged by Cheryl Moskowitz, published in Caringmagazine, January 2016.

‘Before It All Starts Up’, Poetry Quarterly, Prolific Press, Prize Winner Issue, Spring 2016 (poem also shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, 2015).

‘Ghost Story’, London Grip, December 2015.

‘Intermissions’, Brittle Star, Issue 37, October 2015.

‘Antics’, ‘The Waking Hours’, ‘It Starts with Her Awkward Hairline’, ‘Spider’, ‘Angel of the Cosmos (The Mural)’, ‘The Blind Photographer’, The Manchester Anthology, ed. Sarah-Clare Conlon (2014).

Fallen Pictures (Oneiros Books, 2013).


PhD in Creative Writing, The Open University, 2016-2023

MA in Creative Writing, University of Manchester, 2012-2014 (Distinction)

PhD in English Studies, University of Manchester, 2003-2007

MA in English Studies, University of Manchester, 2002-2003 (Distinction)

BA in Art and Design History, MMU, 1999-2002 (First Class Honours)