patrick wright

My first PhD, on the subject of the sublime, was supervised by Professor Terry Eagleton (University of Manchester, 2007). This led to several published articles; the most important of which is perhaps 'A Timeless Sublime? Reading the Feminine Sublime in the Discourse of the Sacred' (Angelaki). Many themes and theoretical ideas of this thesis continue to inform and overlap with my present creative practice.

Recent critical writing has centred on Seamus Heaney's bog poems and the idea of the feminine sublime. This has resulted in an article published in Brief Encounters ( 

I have also presented a touring series of lectures on the edgelands and the idea of liminal landscapes, such as one at The Atkinson, Southport (

Another lecture tour is on the idea of pareidolia. Recent activity includes a talk and creative writing workshop at the Imagine Festival, Belfast, 'Why is Elvis in your toast?' (

I am currently writing an article on ekphrasis in response to the formless image, with a focus on the seascape genre.

Below is J.M.W. Turner, Sunrise with Sea-monsters (detail), 1845.